Tesla Records Surveillance Video That Helps Nab Burglar in San Francisco

Surveillance video recorded by a Tesla Model 3 helped nab a suspected burglar in San Francisco.

Police said 21-year-old Jeremiah Jefferson, a San Francisco resident, was booked at San Francisco County Jail on charges of second degree burglary and probation violation.

He is suspected of breaking into a Tesla parked along the Embarcadero, near Battery Street, on Thursday.

Jeremiah Jefferson

The Tesla's owner, Jed Franklin, posted video online that shows the suspected burglary. The surveillance video was auto-recorded via Tesla's Sentry Mode. It shows a man hop out of a Honda Civic that parked in front of the Tesla.

The man is then shown prowling along the Tesla, break a rear window and reach inside the vehicle before hopping back into the Honda.

After Franklin provided video to police, officers were able to identify the suspect and arrest Jefferson, officials said.

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