Sunny Balwani

Testimony Continues in Balwani-Theranos Fraud Trial

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Just 24 hours after presenting evidence that Sunny Balwani had, in his own words, a big role in running Theranos, one of the witnesses for the prosecution testified Wednesday that she only dealt with Elizabeth Holmes and didn't even know who Balwani is.

According to some trial watchers, one day can make a big difference in how a jury sees Sunny Balwani.

On Tuesday, text messages Balwani from to Elizabeth Holmes were read out loud, with Balwani texting "I worked six days and nights to help you.." and, "I am responsible for everything at Theranos."

"Yesterday's text messages were very very damning because they did exactly what the prosecution needs to do," said Aron Solomon, legal analyst with Esquire Digital.

That is, show that balwani was 'also' calling the shots at Theranos.

But then, Dr. Constance Cullen, the witness who pointed to Elizabeth Holmes as the executive who used the logo for pharma giant schering-plough on memos to pitch Walgreen’s without authorization, admitted she never met Sunny Balwani, while dealing with Theranos executives.

"When, on cross examination, balwani's council got cullen from schering plough to acknowledge that she never spoke to balwani, and doesn't remember meeting him, that's not great, that's really not great," Solomon said.

Next up, former Theranos employee Daniel Edlin, who testified during the Holmes case that Holmes and Balwani would often modify the office and labs when potential investors would visit.

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