That's So Berkeley

Joke's on you, Berkeley moms

It's not nice to make fun of someone's mom. But what if the joke's on the city?

That's the idea behind "Your Mom is So Berkeley," a group designed to have fun with the liberal city's reputation.

Roberto Santiago is the man behind the mama humor. Last summer, he started a Facebook group  called "Your Mom is So Berkeley" as a way for people to share jokes about growing up in Berkeley. The group, which describes itself as "Where the sacred cows of conceit become the ground round of "Yo momma" jokes," is up to more than 1,900 members now.

Santiago says the group is not only a spot for people to have a little fun with their unique upbringing, but also pay tribute to their moms.

"One of my favorites recent was 'Your mom is so Berekely, the third little piggy ate tofu.'" Santiago told us, "so there's a lot about veganism. A lot about food culture and foodie culture."

Members have uploaded pictures with the typical 60s and 70s-era scenes of themselves with their parents or just their typical-Berkeley parents. Member Nina Carreieri uploaded the picture above with the caption: "My mom was so Berkeley we had homeless people to our house on Thanksgiving instead of going to a shelter to help out."

The group also has a Twitter feed and last week, Santiago launched a blog. Now that's so Silicon Valley.

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