The 35 Highest-Paid Employees in the UC System Are All Men: Report

A Sacramento Bee review of the UC’s salary data revealed the 35 highest-paid employees in 2016 were all men who reportedly earned between $1.1 million to $3.6 million – and that includes taxpayer-funded base pay as well as external grants, fees and television contracts.

Of those men, 29 are doctors at UC hospitals, four are coaches or former coaches of men’s football or basketball teams, one was a hospital executive and one was an investment officer, according to the Sacramento Bee's review of salary data.

The highest paid-employee in the UC system in 2016 was head football coach James Lawrence form UC Los Angeles, grossing $3,577,299, followed by head basketball coach Cuonzo Martin from UC Berkeley.

The salary data also revealed that the current president of the UC system, Janet Napolitano, earned less than 385 UC employees, at least 22 earned a higher base pay with the majority being men.

Check out the list of the top 35 paid UC employees: 

  1. James Lawrence Mora, Football coach - UC Los Angeles
  2. Cuonzo Martin, Basketball coach - UC Berkeley 
  3. Daniel Dykes, Football coach - UC Berkeley
  4. Stephen Alford, Basketball coach, - UC Los Angeles
  5. Gordon Cohen, Doctor, UC San Francisco
  6. Ronald Busuttil, Doctor, UC Los Angeles
  7. Vadiyala Mohan Reddy, Doctor - UC San Francisco
  8. Timothy McCalmont, Doctor - UC San Francisco
  9. Eric Esrailian, Doctor - UC Los Angeles
  10. Philip E Leboit, Doctor - UC San Francisco
  11. Robert N. Weinreb, Doctor - UC San Diego
  12. Benjamin J Ansell, Doctor - UC Los Angeles
  13. Gary L. Gitnick, Doctor - UC Los Angeles
  14. Michael M. Madani, Doctor - UC San Diego
  15. Khalil M Tabsh, Doctor - UC Los Angeles
  16. Naveen D Bhandarkar, Doctor - UC Irvine
  17. Brian G Derubertis, Doctor - UC Los Angeles
  18. Abbas Ardehali, Doctor - UC Los Angeles
  19. Dinesh K Chhetri, Doctor - UC Los Angeles
  20. Ehtisham Mahmud, Doctor - UC San Diego
  21. Richard J Shemin, Doctor - UC Los Angeles
  22. Jagdeep Bachher, Chief Investment Officer - UCOP
  23. Michael T Lawton, Doctor - UC San Francisco
  24. Jeffrey Dong-Sun Suh, Doctor - UC Los Angeles
  25. Daniel H Geschwind - Doctor - UC Los Angeles
  26. Shang I Brian Jiang, Doctor - UC San Diego
  27. Mark R Laret, CEO, Medical Center - UC San Francisco 
  28. James M Heaps, Doctor - UC Los Angeles
  29. Merril E Gershwin, Doctor - UC Davis
  30. Gerald S Berke, Doctor - UC Los Angeles
  31. Nicholas C Saenz, Doctor - UC San Diego 
  32. Isaac M Neuhaus, Doctor - UC San Francisco
  33. Neil A Martin, Doctor - UC Los Angeles
  34. Michael W McDermott, Doctor - UC San Francisco
  35. John P Roberts, Doctor - UC San Francisco
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