The Amazing Internet-Fueled Comeback of Lester Chambers

Reddit and Kickstarter to the rescue

"Thank God for technology."

It's not Lester Chambers' most famous line, just his most recent. It comes after a plea to the dot com masses was answered - big time.

Back in the 60's Chambers had a string of hit songs (most famously "Time Has Come Today") but, thanks to Columbia Records, had little to show for it.

When his plight was discovered by Reddit, and co-founder Alexis Ohanian, Chambers got a second chance. He has a Kickstarter campaign that raised enough money for him to record a new record, and now, thanks to the kind of outreach that comes with Reddit and Facebook followings, has enough direct contact with fans so as not to need a middleman.

Ohanian remembers learning about Chambers and thinking, "how does a living legend like Lester Chambers get so egregiously robbed?" He remembers his father playing "Time Has Come Today" for him, and was nearly star-struck to meet the singer. 

The admiration between the two is mutual, and Chambers advises young singers to check their contracts, of course, but also to take advantage of the internet. "It has made everything so possible and accessible," he says.

"Even for people who don't know I've been recording again."

If you're one of those people, it's worth hearing Chambers and his new band - the Mud Stompers - coming to a concert venue near you.

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