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The Bay Area Votes: Long Lines, Crumpled Trump Signs, Suffragette Outfits

As with the rest of the country, the Bay Area voted on Tuesday, marking the end of the most contentious election seasons in modern history.

Election Day from the North Bay to Silicon Valley was rife with exceedingly long lines as the polls, as voters struggled to fill out 17 state initiatives, and choose a  president along with a host of local issues.

In San Jose, a crumpled Donald Trump sign marked a sidewalk. In San Francisco, City Hall was lit up in red, white and blue. In Oakland, people griped about the BART measure which seeks $3.5 and officials with an AC Transit "voter bus" invited riders to come take a selfie. In Lafayette, a family dressed in white to represent the suffragettes.

Here's how the rest of the day played out on social media.

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