‘The Bodyguard' Celebrates 20 Years With Screenings

20th Anniversary Of 'The Bodyguard' to be shown in Bay Area theaters tonight.

The latest craze in Hollywood is to remake or reboot a hit television show or movie from the past.   This time, Tinseltown is bringing back one of the biggest box office hits from the 1990's to the silver screen, at least for one night.

The 20th Anniversary of 'The Bodyguard' will be screened at theaters throughout the Bay Area, but there's a catch -- you will only get to watch it at 7:30 tonight. If you haven't seen 'The Bodyguard,' the 1992 film is a romantic thriller starring Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston

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Costner plays a former Secret Service agent asked to protect a pop star diva. The relationship is icy at first, but the two eventually form a unique bond and sparks fly.

The film proved a hit with movie fans as it grossed more than $400-million worldwide. 'The Bodyguard' also has the distinction of landing the best all-time selling soundtrack album as well with over 12-million copies sold. The movie helped place Costner as Hollywood's leading man and it also propelled Houston's career to new heights.

As you may recall, Houston recently passed away. She died last month from what coroners are calling an accidental drowning. Cocaine found in her system and heart disease were major factors in her death. At her funeral service, Costner paid tribute to Houston, saying she was the right choice for The Bodyguard over the wishes of film executives who wanted a big name starlet.

Tonight's movie screening also coincides with Warner Brothers release of The Bodyguard 20th Anniversary Edition on Blue-ray.

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