The Dirty Truth Lurking Behind Your Kitchen Sink

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Ronald Blea

It might be time to eat out.

A new study says many household kitchen could not pass common health department tests. The small study was done in Los Angeles County and found at least one in seven home kitchens flunk the same inspection restaurants must pass.

It found that that only 61 percent of home kitchens would get an A or B if put through the rigors of a restaurant inspection. At least 14 percent would fail — not even getting a C.

"I would say if they got below a C, I'm not sure I would like them to invite me to dinner," said Dr. Jonathan Fielding, director of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health.

In comparison, nearly all Los Angeles County restaurants — 98 percent — get A or B scores each year.

Health inspectors said there are simple tricks to avoid common kitchen mistakes. For example,  make sure the temperature inside your refrigerator does not get warmer than 41 degrees.

Keep anything that can drip on the bottom shelves and make sure to watch sponges and dish towels.

Wiping your forehead with the same towel used to clean up a kitchen counter or to wash knives is a big no no.

Other common sense things like washing fruit before eating it can go a long way to keeping kitchens clean and it turn keeping your families healthy.

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