The Economy Is Doing Just Fine for Apple's Taste

Apple is well on its way to becoming bigger than big oil.

The tech company has somehow figured out a way to sell ice cubes to eskimos because according to new revenue numbers, Apple is selling iPads, MacBooks, iPods and iPhones to anyone and everyone.

Along with its record breaking Q4 earnings, Apple announced it has sold 3.89 million Macs, 14.1 million iPhones, 9.05 million iPods, and 4.19 million iPads during the quarter, which saw they rake in $20.34 billion in revenue and $4.31 billion in profit.

Except for the iPod, that is the most Apple has ever sold in one quarter for all the othher products. Both the revenue and profit are records for Apple as well. That's enough to make Apple the No.1 computer seller in the United States, if you count iPads as computers.

But success is nothing new for the company, which has enjoyed a resurgence since Steve Jobs returned to save the company he founded.

Over the last year, Apple's stock has quickly climbed from $190 a share to $317.93.

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