The Future of Bloatware Comes Next Month With the Mac App Store

It's official, the Mac App Store is coming on Jan. 6. On that day, Apple will try to replicate the success it has had with its iOS App Store, but on its Macs.

With over 300,000 apps in the iOS App Store, Apple would be a fool to ignore the ecosystem that a Mac App Store equivalent would bring. 

Apple says that it wants to bring the ease and simplicity of the iOS App Store to the Mac. September's OS X 10.7 Lion preview supports that. While we support developers and think it's great there will be another channel of distribution for digital wares, we can't help but think about all the crap apps or "CrApps" (as we like to call them) that will eventually flood the Mac App Store.

If being conditioned by an iPhone or iPad has taught us anything, it's that over time we accrue a ton of apps that we hardly ever re-use. It could all be attributed to lazy app management, but when we peek at our friends' devices we see the same thing.

A CrApp is just like bloatware — only you install it yourself.

With the Mac App Store launch in just a few weeks, do you think your Mac will become bogged down with CrApps?

Via Business Newswire

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