The Future of Technology, Inc.

How Intel and others are going to rock your world

Imagine going onto Twitter or Facebook, and having a live 3D interface version of your friend (or follower) telling you what they're doing.  Or, how about ordering a bottle of water, and having a robot hand it to you, take your money, and give you back your change.  Want to skip the "Terminator"-style handoff?  No problem.  Just wave your smartphone, and pay for the drink instantly.

This kind of technology is coming soon, if researchers at Intel have their way.  They, and lots of other partnering companies, are showing off a whole bunch of future tech at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View.  Fitting that with a background of tech history, we're peeking into the future of the industry that makes the Silicon Valley run.

Research Day is always cool, because it gives us a glimpse not just at how we'll be using technology, but where the jobs of the future might be.  Intel is gigantic, and when it decides that green tech, or advanced graphics, or robotics is a good place to be, you can count on lots of hiring in those areas.  So don't just get your phones ready for the future, get your resumes ready, too.

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