The Great Twitter ‘Purge': Are Accounts Being Unfairly Cut?

As if there wasn’t already enough tension surrounding politics and social media, but on Tuesday reports emerged of what some called a Twitter “alt-right purge” – the culling of accounts that spewed hate speech.

Twitter didn’t comment beyond pointing out that its rules prohibit abuse and harassment, but, as San Jose State media professor Richard Craig says, "We always have freedom of speech in America, but we don’t always have freedom from consequences."

A good point, but is Twitter cutting some accounts unfairly?

Andrew Torba, the chief executive officer of social media startup Gab, says he heard "the purge" was coming. He’s no longer on Twitter, leaving 23,000 followers behind. He says some of his fellow Trump supporters were purged, simply because of their political preferences.

“They’re not anti-Semitic, they’re not white supremacists,” he says. Just Republicans.

If you’re on Twitter, or the rapidly growing Gab, fear not. You can avoid hate speech, with filters that let you block not only users, but also phrases and words you find offensive.

Scott tracks tech on Twitter and Gab: @scottbudman
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