The iPad Is Taking a Bite Out of the PC Pie

In case Twitter trends was not enough of an indication, the iPad is a huge success.

Apple's tablet computer may be seen as an unnecessary toy by many who already have a powerful laptop computer or an over-performing smartphone, but the iPad has etched out a place in the hearts and minds of consumers.

So much so that a Goldman Sachs made a recent projection declaring that Apple will sell 37.2 million iPads by next year means the company will own about 12 percent of the PC market in 2011, according to All Things D. Currently the Cupertino-based company has about 4.4 percent of the market.

As long as you include tablets as part of the PC market things are looking good for Apple. In fact, Goldman Sachs analyst Bill Shope says the tablet market that Apple is pushing will make Steve Jobs' company “one of the largest vendors in the global personal computing market.”

This for a company that some analysts have already dubbed will one day be bigger than oil.

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