iPhone Upgrade Is So Money

Latest software means more games for iPhone

iPhone addicts are going crazy about the latest version of Apple's software for the smartphone, expected by midday Wednesday.

One even coded a website that watches Apple's servers to see when the software package, called iPhone OS 3.0, is available to download. OS 3.0 will work on all iPhones, not just the upcoming 3G S model, which goes on sale Friday.

Why the wild anticipation? Games, games, games.

Users of OS 3.0 can play games against each other head-to-head over short-range Bluetooth wireless connections. If you see another iPhone owner, you can now challenge them to a digital duel on the spot.

But the most exciting feature -- chiefly for game developers -- is the ability to charge people not just to buy games but to buy new levels, mods, and in-game items on the go. At Apple's recent World Wide Developers Conference, reps from video game maker Electronics Arts showed off the ability to buy virtual clothes and furniture in the iPhone version of The Sims, its people simulator.

"Mods," short for modifications, are big sellers for PC games, customizing an already purchased game to give it a new look and feel.

The fact that developers can now sell mods and other add-ons means they'll have more incentive to develop games for the iPhone. That means potentially a lot more fun on the go. And a hole in your wallet, right next to your iPhone.

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