The Muppets Take The Mission

Get your inner Muppet on in the City.


It sort of makes sense that a bunch of Muppets with ridiculous facial hair, wearing big sunglasses, fedoras, and skinny jeans would be found in the Mission District, and sure enough, they are.. kind of.

A new bar and pub-food joint is about to open, called "Dr. Teeth and the Electic Mayhem." For those of you unfamiliar with that name, this was the band from the Muppet Show, featuring Zoot on sax, Janice on Bass, Floyd on guitar, Animal on drums, and the leader of the band, who played piano and drove the bus, Dr. Teeth, himself.

The Muppet-themed pub comes from the same people who brought us Tonic, Rebel and Bullitt, says the SFist.

According to sources, GrubStreet says the interior is Muppet inspired and "pretty crazy." Food-wise we'll get a burger with a super-hot ghost pepper, fried chicken and a jelly doughnut.

Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem is at 2323 Mission, at 19th, and said to open up this weekend.


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