The Real Bay Area Beard Does Reality TV

Devin Cara,

The pride of the Bay Area beards will debut his new national television show Friday on the Independent Film Channel.

Now before you Giants' fans set your DVR to record, realize that Brian Wilson will not be featured on "Whisker Wars."

Instead a man with a beard as cool as his name and a passion that's, well shared by his face and his birth certificate, will star on the show.

Jack Passion, a Bay Area musician, author and award-winning beard wearer will star on the IFC show that follows members of Beard Team USA around the country on their way to the World Beard and Moustache Championships.

Passion, who sports an orange beard almost down to his waiste, has been featured in documentaries before but this one dedicates weeks to the sport of growing and grooming beards and the travails that come with such awesomeness.

"Big Red" as he is known is determined to become the first "professional beardsman" and he is joined on the new show by fellow Californians Phil Olsen and Aarn Bielefeldt.

The show premieres at 11 p.m. Friday on the IFC.

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