The Recipe for Adult Donuts

The formula for adulting up most childhood pleasures is "just add alcohol" -- hence the spiked milkshake. And sex. For matured kid-fodder you can drive after enjoying, hit Dynamo Donut.

The puffy dream of a career pastry chef and her bartender husband, Dynamo's an espresso-toned Mission kiosk with a 12-foot tile counter, serving Four Barrel coffee and "donuts for grownups."

The from-scratch donuts are yeast risen two to three times before deep frying, and incorporate organic and local ingredients whenever possible.

For example the shop uses Giusto flour, Guittard chocolate, and Mint Hill honey made from real hives in the Castro (where beekeepers must maintain constant vigilance against bears).

Options change daily, but basics include traditional glazeds infused with vanilla bean or caramel and sea salt, while nuttier choices include glistening honey-glazed lemon thyme and maple-glazed bacon and apple -- one a day keeps the doctor in pay.

Beyond the kiosk is a large kitchen where (permits permitting) the owners plan to open a full bakery; there's also a back patio, which could be turned into an adulted up playground by just adding monkey bars.

And alcohol.

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