The Sinkhole Named ‘Steve’ Gets Fatter, Lanes Still Blocked on Highway 13 in Oakland

The sinkhole lovingly nicknamed "Steve" by the California Highway Patrol has gotten fatter, and crews think it will take them until Tuesday evening to repair by filling its gaping mouth with concrete.

That's bad news for commuters along Highway 13 at Broadway Terrace in Oakland who have to snake by in one lane to get past the massive hole in the roadway.

Someone behind the CHP's social media account is definitely having a little fun. In a Facebook post, the agency wrote: "Steve the sinkhole started out as a little guy, but has grown quite a bit in the time he has been with us! Luckily, Caltrans District 4 is hoping to have him back to being plain old Andy asphalt by tomorrow evening's commute."

The CHP also warned drivers not to snap photos of the sinkhole "because we will be protecting Steve from the paparazzi and you probably don't want a ticket!"

The sinkhole was reported on Monday. In a back-and-forth with NBC Bay Area, the CHP explained why officers named the sinkhole Steve, and said it was possibly the only one in the country with a first name.

As for why Steve?

The CHP tweeted: "Why not?"

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