The Specs on the iPad 2

Steve Jobs showed that he was alive and well enough to introduce the world to the latest edition of Apple's tablet computer.

While the second-generation iPad is an upgrade from last year's tablet, most of the new features announced Wednesday were no surprise.

For a company so secretive with the development of its products, Apple experts have gotten pretty good about pegging what the company's devices will feature before they are announced.

Wednesday's unveiling of the iPad 2 was no different. Jobs said the iPad 2 will have a faster processor than the original iPad, it will come with two cameras for taking photos and video chatting and the battery life will be about the same as the original iPad.

Most reports anticipated the new iPad would also be thinner and lighter than its predecessor, which it is for sure.

The iPad 2 is 8.8 millimeters instead of the original 13.4 millimeters. The new thickness means the new iPad is actually thinner than the iPhone 4.

Also predicted was that the new iPad would come with HDMI output, which it does and that it will be able to work on both AT&T and Verizon's network, which it will.

The iPad 2 also will not come with a retina display like the iPhone 4.

What wasn't known was when fan boys would actually be able to get their hands on the new device.

Apple said it plans to start selling the iPad 2 in the U.S. on March 11 and it will go on sale in 26 other countries on March 25.

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