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Chelsea Clinton Cancels Fundraiser at Controversial Startup Theranos, Instead Campaigns at Private Bay Area Homes

Chelsea Clinton was in the Bay Area Monday to help raise money for her mother's presidential campaign.

The younger Clinton was supposed to be headlining a fundraising event at the Palo Alto headquarters of controversial blood-testing startup Theranos, hosted by founder Elizabeth Holmes, CNBC reported.

But after some controversy, the fundraiser was later rescheduled for the private home of Susie Hwang and Matt Glickman, also of Palo Alto, CNBC reported. 

Holmes was listed as one of the hosts for the event, during which Chelsea Clinton took part in a 40-minute Q&A with guests. Some of the attendees told NBC Bay Area they found her to be smart and down to earth,

"Just the relationship she has with her mother and how she's supporting her mom, and how much she cares, both as a daughter, a woman, and a parent," said Clinton supporter Julia Soderbery.

After the fundraiser, some of the guests moved down the street to the Coupa Cafe Lounge where the Santa Clara County for Hillary volunteer group started phone trees, looking to gain support for Clinton ahead of upcoming primaries in Arizona, Idaho and Utah.

"It's high time that have a female president of the United States of America who is very well qualified," said Clinton supporter Loreto Dimaandal. Many of the women at the event were Silicon Valley execs who say they closely relate to Hillary Clinton's tough career.

"As a professional woman, as a woman who's been around in professions for a long time, I know what it's like where it's harder for us....but we fight for what we believe in," said Clinton supporter Betsy Massar.

Just after lunch, Buzzfeed's Ruby Cramer tweeted out a picture of the younger Clinton in San Francisco standing next to Holmes.

Theranos is under intense scrutiny after a Wall Street Journal investigation revealed that the company’s blood testing technology is not as accurate as it had claimed.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services said in January that the lab run by Theranos in Newark poses “immediate danger to patient safety.”

Chelsea Clinton was active on Twitter Monday morning, congratulating Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and the Twitter team on the company's 10th birthday.

A little later, she tweeted out a link to a New York Times article on gender pay gaps, saying: "New research suggests that employers place a lower value on work done by women. This must change."

Clinton will be back in the peninsula on March 23 for two fundraisers: one in Atherton and one in Hillsborough.

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