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Theranos Trial Focuses on US Military's Potential Use of Blood Testers

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The trial of Elizabeth Holmes focused once again on the U.S. military Wednesday and just how close our armed forces got to actually using the company's faulty blood testers out in the field of battle.

The latest witness, former Theranos employee Daniel Edlin, testified that while the company was testing devices to see if the military was interested in someday using them, the boxes -- as the public previously learned from former Defense Secretary General James Mattis' time on the stand -- did not ultimately get used by America's armed forces.

"And it's very clear so far they were in a research evaluation mode,” said Professor Ellen Kreitzberg of Santa Clara University School of Law. “That they had never moved into any clinical trials or treatment of patients with the department of defense."

That’s important because prosecutors believe Holmes told investors that her company's machines were being used by the military.

Setting up future testimony to find out just what investors were told about the Theranos boxes.

"Well, I think we can all be glad that the boxes never actually went to the field of battle,” said Kreitzberg.

Edlin wrapped up his testimony by telling the jury that he eventually realized that Theranos' technology was never going to actually work, so he left the company.

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