San Jose

Thieves Take Entire Mailbox from San Jose Townhomes

A San Jose neighborhood is up in arms after its entire mailbox for all nine homes in the community was yanked out of the ground and stolen.

Home surveillance video show what appears to be a white pickup truck pull up next to the mailbox and moments later the vehicle takes off with the whole mailbox in the back.

"This isn't the first time that our mailbox has been vandalized or broken into," resident Sean Bashaw said.

Bashaw and his neighbors in the Willow Glen townhome community cannot believe the theft.

"You're not going to find much in there," Bashaw said of the mailbox. "Most of the stuff that we ship is not going to end up in that mailbox."

But Bashaw said that does not mean the crook did not take anything valuable.

"What you did take is our personal messages that are expressing gratitude and thanks for this time of the year," Bashaw said

Neighbors said they are working with the homeowner's association and the postal service to move the mailbox and make it more secure. But for now all that is left of it is a few bolts sticking out of the ground.

"Most of us right now feel pretty violated," Bashaw said.

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