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Thousands Wait in Long Lines at Zuckerberg SF General's COVID-19 Vaccine Site

There was a long line that stretched down to the street and it translated to roughly a four hour wait.

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It’s a much smoother process at Zuckerberg San Francisco General’s vaccination site on Sunday.

There was a long line that stretched down to the street and it translated to roughly a four hour wait.

From getting in line to getting your shot. But some people like James Cregg and Luca Burak said it was all worth it.

“Getting up in the morning was the hardest part,” said Cregg.

Cregg and Burak got turned down from getting their vaccines at Zuckerberg San Francisco General after the clinic ran out of vaccine shots Saturday morning.

So, they made sure they would get their shots this time around. Which meant waking up and getting in line by 4:45 a.m. Sunday.

Not only were they the first two people in the walk-up line, they also had some fun getting vaccinated.

“We decided to dress up in adult onesies for Pokémon, mainly because we were coming out here at four in the morning,” Cregg said. Burak thought the same idea as his friend.

“Everyone likes someone in a onesie, we got nothing but smiles all day,” he said.

But not everyone had the same sense of humor about waiting. What was a short wait time for the early risers, became an hours long wait for those who came after including San Francisco resident Fred Hope.

“I didn’t mind getting up early, just glad I got a spot,” he said.

Hope has not met any of the vaccination requirements until now. He lives in one of the eight San Francisco zip codes heavily impacted by COVID-19 infections.

The eight San Francisco zip codes that are eligible to get their vaccine shot at Zuckerberg SF General are 94124, 94134, 94110, 94112, 94107, 94102, 94103 and 94130.

If you are 16 or older and live in any of these zip codes, you are eligible for a vaccine.

You can also get your shot if you are 65 or older and live in San Francisco or if you are 16 or older and are a patient of the network.

“We do about 2,000 vaccinations at ZSFGH each day,” said Lukejohn Day, Chief Medical Officer at Zuckerberg SF General. “We anticipate we will be able to do this for the next several weeks."

Sunday’s COVID-19 Vaccination clinic at Zuckerberg SF General went through vaccines by 1 p.m. and about 1,900 people received a dose.

They are open for walk ups every day from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., or until supply runs out.

All residents need to do to get their shot is showing their Identification card or a bill to prove eligibility.

Appointments can also be made for in network patients.

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