Three Alpacas Killed in Dog Attack at Vallejo Learning Farm

Three animals were mauled to death and several were injured after an attack by a pair of neighborhood dogs at a learning center in Vallejo last week.

The attack occurred Friday at Loma Vista Farm and left three beloved alpacas dead.

The farm shut down for a week, and grief counselors were on hand Monday for elementary school students who had trouble understanding the loss of their three friends.

Students interacted with and came to love the three alpacas named Skyfall, Pacheco and Racer.

"It is equivalent to losing a family pet, a beloved family pet, but in this case it’s at school," Loma Vista Principal Britt Hammon said. "It’s supposed to be a safe place where we know it’s supposed to be a safe place."

The two Huskies dug their way under a fence and went after the alpacas then attacked some sheep, tearing off an ear on one of them. The dogs also went after two goats.

John Muras of Friends of Loma Vista Farm, has helped raise the animals.

"The vet had to stitch it all up," he said about the sheep's ear. "And that spray stuff it’s kind of like, it dries like a Band-Aid with antiseptic on it."

The dogs had caused trouble at the farm before but nothing like the latest attack. Animal control identified the dogs' owners through the embedded microchips. The Huskies may have to be euthanized, and their owners may be liable for veterinary bills and other expenses.

"It’s been crushing because we’re with the animals every day," Hammon said. "Our students participate in science activities and nutrition activities and planting and feeding the animals daily."

To learn more about how you can help the farm, visit the official Loma Vista Farm website.

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