Thugs Lead Cops to Pot Grow

After fleeing the scene of a beating, police find a marijuana cultivation operation in an apartment.

A man walked into a Livermore Taco Bell and beat another man with a chair, according to police. On his second swing of the chair, the man hit his colleague on the head, causing a bloody injury.

The two men then fled the scene, with the second man dripping blood, acting disoriented and "having difficulty walking," according to witnesses. 

Denzel Green and Jose Serrano went to an apartment leased to Michael and Andrew Barto. Police followed the suspects to the apartment, where they saw fresh blood outside the apartment.

Inside the apartment, however, the police found a marijuana cultivation project and evidence of drug use in plain view.

The Bartos had converted three bedrooms into a do-it-yourself pot grow that inspectors deemed to be a fire hazard.

Further evidence at the scene, police said, show the brothers "were extracting hashish oil ... the same dangerous procedure that led to the explosion and tragic death" in May 2011. Police also found firearms, methamphetamine and evidence of oxycodone and heroin use. 

All four suspects were arrested.

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