San Francisco Cops Citing Motorists On the Rise

SF cops write 50 percent more tickets as part of pedestrian safety push

Don't try to talk your way out of that traffic ticket in San Francisco. It won't work.

Cops are writing over 50 percent more tickets to motorists for breaking the rules, part of a push toward pedestrian safety, the San Francisco Examiner reported.

"All the stations are up," police Chief Greg Suhr told the newspaper. "Across the board, they are writing more tickets."

San Francisco police have set a goal of writing 50 percent more tickets for five offenses: "running a red light, failure to halt at a stop sign, violating a pedestrian right of way, failure to yield while making a left or U-turn, and speeding," the newspaper reported.

Those are the offenses that lead to the most collisions.

Bicyclists are also receiving more tickets: the percentage of tickets going to pedestrians and cyclists tripled, the newspaper reported.

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