Extra Security for Los Gatos Gun Meeting

More security. More officers.

After one of the owners of the Templar Sports gun shop, Robert Chang, found a death threat at his San Jose home last week, the Los Gatos-Monte Sereno Police Department decided to add a couple of more officers to stand watch at Monday night's town council meeting.

"We asked for it. We suggested it," Donald Kilmer, the attorney for Templar Sports, said to reporters outside of the council chambers. "I'm happy to see there was extra security."

Chang sat in the audience next to his attorney, not saying a word. The opening of Templar Sports last year has sparked an emotional debate.

"This is not about access to guns," Patricia Ernstrom, a Los Gatos resident who questions having a gun shop in her town. "There are plenty of places to purchase a weapon, the question is why do we need to be one of those places."

But there was plenty of support for Templar Sports. Richard Martinez drove up from Santa Cruz to say, "I think they are running a good shop. And I don't think they intend to hurt anybody in Los Gatos."

The Los Gatos Town Council ended up sending the issue back to town staff to come up with recommendations for future gun sales.  At the March 4 meeting, the town council will discuss passing a moratorium that would put a freeze on any new gun store from setting up shop until the council comes up with regulations.
 Chang's attorney is okay with that.

"As long as they leave them alone," Kilmer said. "My client has complied with all state, local and federal laws to get their license to open their store. They didn't do anything wrong."


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