Tim Cook Wants New Faces for Apple's Board

Apple chief executive Tim Cook is looking for new faces for Apple's board of directors, according to reports.

A profile of Cook which explained his leadership of the tech company and how it differed from his predecessor and founder Steve Jobs, including how Cook was interested in the company, including adding new members to the board, according to the Wall Street Journal.

"The only thing that Steve [Jobs] cared about was creating great products. The company, the employees were only there to facilitate that goal," a former employee told the WSJ. "Tim is much more worried about everything at the company."

That includes Apple’s board. According to people familiar with the company, Mr. Cook is actively seeking new directors to add to Apple’s eight-person board, known for its loyalty to Mr. Jobs. Six of the seven outside directors are aged 63 or older. Four of them have served for more than a decade, including two who have been on the board since the late 1990s: former Intuit Corp. Chief Executive Bill Campbell and J. Crew Group Inc. Chief Executive Millard S. “Mickey” Drexler.
Cook has added Disney chief Bob Iger and promoted Art Levinson to be chairman, but likely wants to add to the board and put his own stamp on it -- including adding people who may be able to advise Apple on some of its latest projects including the so-called iWatch or on health and fitness.
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