Six Californias Proponent Tim Draper Seeks Young Entrepreneurs For New Reality Show

Six Californias may not be a reality, but venture capitalist Tim Draper's other idea is: a reality show, that is.

Draper, known for his desire to innovate the state into six different pieces, is launching a new "Silicon Valley reality TV show," according to TechCrunch.

The subjects of the show will be 10 students from Draper's crash course for would-be entrepreneurs, aptly-titled "Draper U." In addition to the skills necessary to build a business, students of Mr. Draper also are imbued with "urban and wilderness survival skills," according to TechCrunch.

Say what? "We're looking for heroes," Draper affirms.

So, "Silicon Valley" meets "Survivor"? Sounds like good TV.

Anyone thinking they have the chops to be filmed from April 13 to May 29 of next year, the spring session of Draper U, should email "bigideacasting at gmail dot dom," TechCrunch noted.

And perusing this video might be a good idea: [[285279891, C]]

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