Time Running Out to Buy Facebook Shares

Time running out to get in on Facebook IPO

 If you have your eyes on buying Facebook shares you better do so soon.

On Monday, Facebook raised its stock prices to $34 and $38 per share and could stop accepting orders for stock at the IPO price later Tuesday -- two days ahead of schedule.

Facebook is expected to price its IPO at the end of the week on Thursday , and begin trading on Friday. Normally, companies accept offers up until the afternoon of the day an IPO prices,  but  Facebook plans to stop taking orders Tuesday after the markets close.

There is no guarantee that investors who place an order ahead of an IPO will get any or all of the shares they asked for at the IPO price.

Not everyone is feeling the pressure to rush out and buy Facebook stock.

Some Americans are expressing doubt about Facebook's future. More than 1,000 adults took part in a CNBC poll, and about half of them think the social network is a passing fad. The other 50 percent think the asking price is too high.

If FB gets what it's hoping for in terms of per-share pricing, the company could be valued at more than $100 billion making it worth more than Disney, Ford and Kraft.

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