Redwood City

Priced Out Redwood City Shelter Sends Final Plea to Save 45 Cats

A no-kill shelter in Redwood City known for taking in abused, sick or unadoptable cats was priced out of its current location two months ago. But thanks to a bit of luck — and a vacant laundromat around the block — the Nine Lives Foundation is relocating. 

Carol Skola, a volunteer since 2008, said all of the cats will need to be relocated while they renovate its new location. 

"We try and take cats and place them in a forever home, but those that don’t have one, have one here with us," Skola said.

However, that home is all but packed up.

After receiving the news that they could not afford to renew the lease, volunteers and staff began seeking foster homes for hundreds of cats. And they are down to just 45 remaining cats.

"Some of them are perfect — but some are a bit harder to place," Skola said.

Those harder-to-adopt cats include those that are sick, missing legs or eyes or too shy to meet potential new families. 

The nonprofit is half of the way to completing its renovatation budget for the new location.

"This place here served its purpose for the last nine years and we appreciate having had it, but its time for us to move," Skola said.

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