Tiny, Cute, Vulnerable Deer on Loose in Berkeley Park

A Reeves' Muntjac Deer Is On The Loose In a Park

A two-foot tall species of Asian deer is on the loose in Berkeley's César Chávez Park., according to reports.

The animal is a Reeves' Muntjac deer, according to Berkeleyside, and it must be trapped and recovered soon as it is easy prey for common dogs and other animals.

The small deer are "a popular exotic pet... easy to tame, and easy to kill," according to Winnie Kelly, a wildlife specialist at San Rafael's Wildcare. It's also "adorably cute," she told the news Web site.

Three people in Berkeley called regarding the deer. It's not known how this particular deer became loose: it's possible it was released by its owner.

César Chávez Park in Berkeley is known as a pet dumping ground, according to Kelly.

If you or someone you know sees this improbably small, impossibly cute animal, if a member of the community spots the deer, do not chase it. Keep dogs away.

If you can, throw a blanket over the deer and call Berkeley Animal Services (BACS) at 510-981-6600 to rescue the animal. Or, you can call WildCare on 415-456-7283. After hours, for emergencies only (5pm to 9am): 415-300-6359.

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