Truck Slams Into Apartment, San Jose Toddler Flung From Crib

A 2-year-old San Jose girl was flung from her crib early Wednesday after a truck slammed into her apartment building, but her family said she is going to be OK.

 Nala was sleeping in her crib with her mother, Katherine Juarez,  just a few feet away when a truck slammed into the side of their  Villa Apartment complex, at the intersection of East Taylor and N. 21streets. The impact caused Nala to fly out of her crib and covered her with debris.

"We just heard a large boom," Juarez said. "I thought it was a earthquake. Like a really bad earthquake. We felt like the ceiling was going to come down. I just woke up in shock. The first thing I looked for was for her. I saw her crib in the middle of our bedroom and she was on the floor with everything, with all the debris."

Nala was rushed to the hospital, where doctors checked her out and gave her a clean bill of health. Her mother had some minor scratches, but will be fine.

Witnesses say the driver of the truck tried to back up and drive away. They were able to keep him there until police arrived.

Officers suspect the driver may have been drinking.

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