Toilet Paper Made to Honor Torture Memo Lawyer

Wipe your backside at Cal's Boalt Hall with the Convention Against Torture

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Law students at the University of California, Berkeley were given a special treat Tuesday by a prankster -- soft, fluffy rolls of fresh toilet paper in the bathrooms.

But it was toilet paper with a message, with sections of the text of the Convention Against Torture printed on it and the encomium "This Toilet Paper Made Possible by John Yoo."

Yoo is the controversial Cal law professor who famously helped the Bush Administration craft legal opinions that allowed "enhanced interrogation techniques" of suspected terrorists.

The techniques, including water boarding, have been criticized as amounting to torture.

It's not the first time that Yoo has come under fire on campus, as his courses have been interrupted by protestors to the point where the school no longer publishes the locations of his classes.

Jackson West wonders if Boalt will now switch to bidets.

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