Top 10 Most Shared YouTube Videos of 2010

One way to have a video go viral is to share it on Facebook and Twitter. These people did just that and drew at least 1.5 million views each.

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Victoria Jones, NBCWashington
What happens when you put an awkward looking teen mouthing the words of Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream?" A viral hit with more than 24 million views of course. Watch the full video here
Is good music lost on today's youth? Apparently not. One way to get a fussy kid to calm down is to play Bob Marley for them. Watch the full video here
Some people just aren't photogenic. But Jenna Marbles has some tricks to make yourself look pretty on any medium. Watch the full video here
Having someone break into your home and try to assault your sister doesn't always have to be a bad thing. It can lead to countless parodies of your raw emotion, homeboy! Watch what happens when a local TV news interview goes horribly wrong.
Everybody dreams of being able to drive a car really really really fast. Well one man gets to do it regularly and he was kind enough to take us all for a ride. Watch the full video here
Sure there is the statute of liberty play but have you ever seen an entire football field freeze because a trick play is just so darn tricky? Watch these middle schoolers fool everyone here.
What happens when an awkward teen mouths a Katy Perry song and gets 24 million views? Celebrities want to make cameos with them. Here 50 Cent joins the teen to mouth "Down on Me." Watch the full video here.
Tired of the same old safety demonstration on airplanes? The folks at Cebu Pacific were as well. So they put the whole thing to music and said, "just dance!" Watch the full video here.
A wise man once said cocaine is a hell of a drug. So are two rainbows, as evidence by this hiker that nearly had a heart attack when he saw two rainbows. Watch the full video here.
Sure we've all seen videos of flash mobs but how many of us have been moved to say hallelujah? Watch a mall full of people break out into inspiring song here.
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