Top Companies Americans Want to Work for Are in Silicon Valley: Report

As technology continues to get incorporated into parts of everyday life, the demand for jobs in the field increases and many of those jobs are based right here in the Bay Area.

In LinkedIn's 2019 list of most sought-after companies, a majority of the 50 companies listed are tech related and more than half are headquartered in the Silicon Valley, including Google's parent company Alphabet (#1), Facebook (#2) and Salesforce (#4). 

Compared to the previous year's ranking, tech companies have climbed higher up and the list. Other local companies that are popular among job seekers are Uber, Apple, Airbnb, Netflix, Tesla and Lyft.

Wells Fargo was the lone Bay Area-based company that made the list who wasn't a tech start-up or a information technology service provider. The bank and four other financial institutions made the list despite scandals and controversies.

In analyzing the list, LinkedIn said it measured interest in a company’s jobs and people as well as a company’s ability to retain employees from Feb. 1, 2018 through Jan. 31, 2019.

The rest of Bay Area companies on the list include:

  • 23. Slack
  • 24. Adobe
  • 25. Wells Fargo
  • 26. SAP
  • 29. Pinterest
  • 32. Dropbox
  • 35. Coinbase
  • 36. Twitter
  • 37. Intel
  • 39. Splunk
  • 42. Rubrik
  • 43. Box
  • 46. ServiceNow
  • 48. DocuSign
  • 49. Snowflake Computing
  • 50. Workday
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