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Ever get an alluring e-vite to go camping in Yosemite, at the top of Mount Hamilton, on the beach at Big Sur or any one of the hundred+ natural, stunning & breathtaking spots in California? If you do receive the invitation or just want to take off on your own, you’ll be set to go after a visit to TAD Gear. Trust me, a sleepover under the stars will be a 5-star memorable getaway even if you haven’t ‘roughed it’ since summer youth camp.

So it’s official, TAD Gear is added to the roster of Bay Area Rising Star Entrepreneurs and for good reason. Their merchandise is MADE in the USA. The retail warehouse is located in the hip San Francisco Dog Patch district. Dog Patch, a century old neighborhood originally a home to dry docks and steel mills established by shipbuilders and longshoremen, is now a very cool historic zone that acts as a magnet to the new generation of well-educated self-supporters.

TAD Gear focuses on clothing for tactical wilderness adventures. They specialize in no-nonsense practical and climate adaptable styles for the active urbanite as well as law enforcement officers and brave American soldiers. As a civilian, you need only explain your particular scenario to the knowledgeable sales crew and they’ll point you down the right path. Guaranteed.

TAD Gear's objective is to design and produce the worlds finest outdoor apparel and equipment for the wilderness, travel, exploration, professional field applications and for life in general. Its no muss, no fuss sensible gear for contemporary movers-&-shakers, with style, safety and comfort. Attention ladies: Some alterations might be necessary as sizing tends to lean towards the mens scale. Totally do-able.

Choose from an array of merchandise including hoodies with multi zippers, cargo pocket chinos, innovative storage pouches, yoga style mats (inflate & presto, its a twin size bed), feather weight backpacks and last but not least, GRIZ LEE Crazy Bear.

TAD Gear
- 660 22nd Street @ 3rd Street - San Francisco - 415.318.8252 -

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