Tough New Marijuana Rules Before San Jose Council

San Jose to try regulating dispensaries again

San Jose might finally set some rules around medical marijuana.

That is, if medical marijuana allows it.

The South Bay city has long struggled with regulating the cannabis industry. Earlier regulations, that would have set a limit of no more than 10 marijuana dispensaries in Northern California's largest city, were shot down by cannabis advocates at the ballot box.

Now, the city council is set to consider even stricter rules that would limit "pot shops" to commercial and industrial areas of the city, away from homes, and "impose a 1,000 -foot buffer" between legal weed and other uses like schools and daycares, San Jose Inside reported.

The rules, if approved Tuesday afternoon, would also require marijuana dispensaries to grow their own product on-site.

Advocates say that these rules would in essence ban weed in the South Bay city, by zoning it out of existence, and have vowed to fight them, if passed, at the ballot box.

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