Tourists Really Like Our Cheese

Over consumption is changing the way Bay Area hotels do business


Don't tell David Chang but people are traveling to the Bay Area because of its innovative food. And that is changing the way local hotels are doing business.

The New York Times reports local hotels are making special accommodations for tourists traveling to the Bay Area to indulge in our culinary delights.

But it seems installing larger micro fridges in rooms and offering special packages to go grocery shopping with local celebrities is not enough. It seems some tourists seem to have eyes larger than their stomachs and area hotels are being forced to deal with half-eaten food unable to make their journey to their new homes.

“A lot of people can’t resist buying more stuff than they can possibly eat,” Jill Plemons, the director of sales and marketing for the Hotel Vitale, told the New York Times.

Instead of just throwing away the excess food, hotels are preemptively preparing informational packages about what food the Bay Area has to offer and if that fails on cutting down on waste, some hotels are even willing to ship excess food left behind back across the country.  So much so, some hotels tell the paper "requests to ship produce and cheese are common."

Over consumption may be great for the local economy but how about leaving some Cowgirl Cheese for the rest of us?

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