TownMe Maps SF's Cougars, Sugar Daddies

Looking for a wealthy friend? TownMe can tell you where to move

On a scale of 1 to 100, San Francisco has a "cougars" index of 83. That's just one way that TownMe, a Bay Area-based startup, hopes to quantify the qualities of city living.

Naturally the site, started by Google alums, is currently focused on San Francisco -- the page for New York has a lot less going on.

For those cougars and sugar daddies in Pacific Heights, you can use the "Yuppie Finder" to hunt your prey in neighborhoods with starving students and people spending too much income on rent.

It's certainly a splashy city guide move right into Yelp's core market.

Like Yelp, the site, run out of San Mateo, Calif., relies on free contributions from users for everything from events to reviews.

No word if their business model will also prove vaguely extortionary like Yelp's has.

Jackson West sees that the Dogpatch is now officially overrun with yuppies. Sigh.

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