Toyota Reportedly Bows to Apple's Jailbreak Pressure

Not even one of the largest car makers in the world can escape the power of Apple.

Toyota recently pulled a custom theme and ad campaign for jailbroken iPhones per Apple's request, according to a report in Wired.

The Japanese maker of the Scion line of cars had contracted mobile ad firm Velti to promote the customizable cars online.

Velti reportedly discovered a link between people who like to jailbreak their iPhones and those who want to be able to customize their cars.

Toyota used the information to advertise on Cydia, a third party hack that allows users to jailbreak their phones, according to the Wired report.

Apple reportedly found out about the Toyota campaign and asked them to cut the practice out. Apple would not comment but Toyota is denying that the Cupertino-based company asked it to do anything but instead the campaign was an "interesting experiment."

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