Trader Joe's Move to the Castro May Get Parked

Things just never looked good for Trader Joe's becoming a new neighbor in San Francisco's Castro neighborhood.

If it wasn't Radio Shack refusing to roll out the welcome mat, it was another complaint and now it appears "irresolvable traffic issues" could be the death nail in the organic grocer's plans to move to the famed neighborhood.

Real Estate blog Socketsite reports that Trader Joe's appears to have given up opening a new store on Market Street.

Supervisor Bevan Dufty, who represents the district and is running for mayor, told the site he met with store officials three weeks ago and had not heard of their plans to pull out of the neighborhood.

But he admitted he had heard of a condition being imposed on the store by the Planning Commission that it charge for parking to discourage short car trips to the store. Dufty dubbed the condition a "deal breaker."

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