Traffic Snarled on Sunol Grade After Big-Rig Flips

Your mail could be late. At least by a day or two.

A big-rig truck carrying a load 60,000 pounds of letters and other mail flipped over Friday morning about 5 a.m. along northbound  Interstate Highway 680 near the Sunol grade in an accident was cleaned up seven hours later.

The California Highway Patrol and U.S. Postal police responded to the scene on north of Andrade Road to upright the rig and sort out the mess.

RAW VIDEO: Traffic Snarled After Big-Rig Overturns in Sunol

All lanes were closed down initially, but as of 9 a.m., one lane had been re-opened, until noon, when the road was finally cleared.

That meant traffic was backed up solid on northbound 680 past Fremont, hammering morning commuters.

A postal spokesperson said that the letters and catalogs were mostly contained in crates and that "everybody will get their mail and there were no issues of identity theft."

The mail was taken to another rig, where it will be delivered, maybe a day or two late, according to the spokesperson on the scene.

CHP officers don't think that the driver was speeding, and are now looking into a mechanical issue as the possible problem. His injuries were minor.

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