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Trapped Cat Rescued From Golden Gate Bridge's Center Median Barrier, Fostered by CHP Officer

A cat trapped in the Golden Gate Bridge's movable median barrier received a helping hand Saturday from some concerned California Highway Patrol officers.

Not only did the cat survive the "unusual save," but he found a temporary owner in the form of a CHP officer, according to CHP Marin.

"We are very perplexed as to how [the cat] managed to get so far out in the middle of the Golden Gate Bridge without being hit by another vehicle," CHP Marin wrote on Facebook. "Until then, this cute little guy, tentatively named Bridges, is on his way to a new home with people who will take great care of him."

California Highway Patrol - Marin
A California Highway Patrol officer poses with a rescued cat. (June 24, 2017)

The bizarre ordeal started around 2:50 p.m. when a person called authorities and said they spotted a kitten on the bridge, according to the CHP.

Officers immediately responded, but after one trip across the bridge, they didn't come across the trapped animal. They made another sweeping pass and as they neared the bridge's south tower, they "noticed a little furry head popping out from the inside of the movable median barrier," CHP Marin wrote on Facebook.

CHP officers blocked one lane of traffic, grabbed hold of the cat and transported him to safety, according to the CHP. 

California Highway Patrol - Marin
A cat rests after being rescued from the Golden Gate Bridge. (June 24, 2017)

Needing to find some care for the furry feline, Officer Smith with the CHP made some calls and eventually decided to bring newly-named Bridges to the VCA Madera Pet Hospital in Corte Madera, according to the CHP. Bridges was given an exam and offered a bath before being handed back over to Officer Smith with a collection of supplies including medicine and a cat carrier in hand. But a looming question remained: What now?

Bridges did not have a collar or a microchip, according to the CHP. On the spot, Officer Smith decided to foster the kitten and nurse him to full strength.

The animal hospital didn't charge Smith for the medical services and sent the new duo on their way.

"We are so grateful for such a caring group of people who truly care about the well being of an animal in need of some TLC," CHP Marin wrote. "You are absolute rock stars in our books!

Officers with CHP Marin are still looking for the cat's owner. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact CHP Marin.

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