Students Find Sunken Treasure in Lake Merritt

Oakland students discover 10 pounds of treasure at Lake Merritt.

A group of Oakland students made a discovery that would make Capt. Jack Sparrow proud. The sixth graders were picking up trash during a weekly cleanup at Lake Merritt, discovered two bags filled with treasure.

According to the Oakland Tribune, the students from St. Paul's Episcopal School, pulled 10 pounds of loot from the water near Harrison Street and Grand Avenue.

The bags were filled with at least 100 pieces of silver and gold, rings, bracelets, watches, some candle holders and even a silver spoon.

The kids marveled at their discovery for a while, before it was all packed back into the bags, to turn over to Oakland Police.

Turns out the sixth graders were not only giving back to the community, they may have also helped some burglary victims get their stuff back.

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