“Trauma” in Duboce Park

Filming for a TV show created excitement and confusion near Duboce Park today

San Francisco residents were confused by the landing of a helicopter in Duboce Park today. It turns out that the stunt was part of the filming for the television series "Trauma."

The show focuses on a group of paramedics as they save lives under extraordinary circumstances. The high-octane medical drama brings together the executive producers of "Friday Night Lights"and the film "Hancock."

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom announced at the beginning of March that NBC committed to locate the show's pilot production to the city. The show's base of operations is on Treasure Island.

The pilot's cast includes Derek Luke (“Notorious”), Cliff Curtis (“10,000 B.C”), Anastasia Griffith (“Damages”), Aimee Garcia (“George Lopez”), Kevin Rankin (“Friday Night Lights”) with Jamey Sheridan (“Law & Order: Criminal Intent).

Penned by Dario Scardapane, the pilot is estimated to spend $7 million in San Francisco through the hiring of local crew, payment of local taxes, city services, and the patronage of local business.

Production will last four weeks.

San Francisco has served as the background for several popular television series, the most renowned being “Streets of San Francisco” and “Midnight Caller.”

Image courtesy troymccluresf via TwitGoo

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