Travelers Speak Out Following Knife Attack at SFO

Investigators have not said what the suspect's motive was.

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Police have released more details on a knife attack that occurred at San Francisco International Airport Friday.

According to officials, a man went into the international terminal and pulled out what appeared to be a large knife and assaulted three people.

It was business as usual at SFO Saturday, but the calm at the international terminal was briefly shattered Friday.

“We saw people running,” said one traveler.

Some travelers had their Friday flights delayed until Saturday. At the airport, they saw commotion and quickly started to move.

“We ran, we ran outside. We didn’t take the luggage. Only took the hand luggage, other things left here. We ran and the police came and they surrounded him,” said Folsom resident Mohsin Ibrahim.

San Francisco police said a man drove a car to SFO and went inside and walked around the departure terminal and pulled out a weapon and then assaulted three men.

“All I saw was people running and the guy was waving around his knife or machete,” said San Mateo resident Keanu Tafeamalii.

Tafeamalii was dropping his parents off for a trip to the Philippines Friday, he said he didn’t see anyone get hurt, but he did see officers.

“That’s when authorities stared coming in or trying to get him to stop what he was doing or put down his weapon,” he said.

Police took the man into custody, they say three people who were injured were treated and released at the scene for minor injuries.

Investigators have not said what the motive was. Meantime, some travelers were shaken but still carried on.

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