Treasure Island Music Festival Dance Party

Treasure Island Music Festival brought the music to make you move.

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I love the surprised look on the faces of the ladies in the front, as Ninja takes it to the people mid-song.
Josh Keppel
Holy F*ck, from Toronto, Canada, played early in the afternoon on Saturday at the Treasure Island Music Festival. Singer Brian Borcherdt (left) had a cool old analog machine that he'd play by grabbing some film and "scratching" with it.
I've always wanted to see these guys, and I was glad I got to the festival in time to catch their 1:30 p.m. set, which was awesome! On the left you can see a closer look of the audio film/tape.
Josh Keppel
The band reminded me a bit of seeing Battles, a group of guys rocking out on stage with interestingly unique music with very little vocals.
Josh Keppel
The people in the grass field were loving it! These friends from L.A., Seattle and S.F. came together for the weekend music festival and were dancing up a storm to Holy F*uck.
Josh Keppel
South African hip-hop act Die Antooord ("The Answer" in Afrikaans, the language spoken solely in S.A.) then took the main stage, with leader Ninja wearing this wicked getup for the opening song.
Yo-Landi Vi$$er, a nymph-like little lady who sings with a high voice, is a surprising element of the band, balancing Ninja's rapping.
I had only heard of Die Antwoord a day earlier, and watched a few of their crazy videos on youtube... whoa. The group is from South Africa and seem to be the newest craze in music, I'm hearing things about them everyday now.
Josh Keppel
Apparently DJ Hi-Tek doesn't like to fly, so his little cousin, Hi-Tek Junior, goes on tour to play his "fat gang$ta rap beats on his PC Computer" seen behind the pair.
Josh Keppel
This was my favorite act of the day. I couldn't keep my eyes off of Ninja, or Yo-Landi, who took off more and more clothes as the set went on, finally B.A.'ing the audience at the end of the set.
Josh Keppel
At one point, Ninja decided he wanted to get closer to the people.
I love the surprised look on the faces of the ladies in the front, as Ninja takes it to the people mid-song.
Josh Keppel
Yo-Landi baptizes the photo pit, that was packed with photographers anxious to get some of the first images of this new band playing in the Bay Area.
Josh Keppel
"For those who don't know yet DIE ANTWOORD are a futuristic rap-rave crew from South Africa who represent a fresh new style called ZEF," according to their website.
Josh Keppel
Many people wore fun outfits at the festival, like Matt Wenig, from Sacramento, who came to the show in feathery headdresses with his friends.
Josh Keppel
After Die Antwoord, !!! took to the main stage.
Josh Keppel
!!! singer Nic Offer loves to be in front of the cameras.
Josh Keppel
The band formed in Sacramento, but now lives all over the country.
Josh Keppel
As I said, Nic Offer can't get close enough to the cameras.
Josh Keppel
!!! is a fun dance band who has been around for almost 15 years now and are way past their days of playing Bottom of the Hill, where I used to see them. "Guess where we were yesterday? Tokyo! Yup, Friday in Japan, Saturday in S.F.," boasted Offer.
Emily Sevin from San Francisco paints a heart onto Tara Layman of Berkeley during the !!! set.
The festival has a Ferris wheel you can ride for $5. They also had some Burning Man art set up like "Wish" by Rob Buchholz.
Josh Keppel
Wearing an SF Giants hat, Maggie Calonge from Oakland leans against the bottom of one of Wish's mosaic stems looking at her phone to check the Giants score, with the festival coinciding with the first to games of the NLCS.
Josh Keppel
Wish looked so much better at the Treasure Island Music Festival than it did at Black Rock City, with each of the petals having multi-colored lights constantly changing, giving the sculpture a feeling of being alive.
Josh Keppel
Stilt walking pirates Brooke Erdman and Mark Szulgit hang under Wish.
Foto/Ross A. Benson &
Live artwork was being created Saturday while the bands were playing.
Foto/Ross A. Benson &
Kruder & Dorfmeister made a rare appearance in the daylight hours on Saturday.
First a singer came out an introduced Kruder & Dorfmeister and let us know how lucky we were to be seeing them with the sun up.
Foto/Ross A. Benson &
Then they launched into their set and another singer came on stage and some cool video imagery played behind the men.
Peter Kruder
Josh Keppel
Richard Dorfmeister
The set was great, with cool music and an awesome video display.
NBC Bay Area/Jahi McMath family
The singers were only on stage for a few of the songs, leaving Mr. Kruder and Mr. Dorfmeister alone with their electronics and flashing lights.
Getty Images
The sun set during Kruder & Dorfmeister's set, making the video and light-show that much more intense.
Josh Keppel
Next up... Deadmau5
Family Photo
Deadmau5 (pronounced "dead mouse") is a DJ who works with a big mouse hat covering his head. "His sets are closer to live performances [with] his own material being assembled on the fly using cutting edge computer technology," according to his website.
The Deadmau5 fans seemed to be the most rabid and excited of the bunch.
NBC 5 News
After the first song, the mouse hat was briefly removed for a quick glimpse of Joel Zimmerman, the 28-year-old Canadian from Toronto.
Josh Keppel
Like Kruder & Dorfmeister, Deadmau5 also had a singer performing live with the set, only this one was a sexy, leggy lady.
Josh Keppel
While Deadmau5 sat up in his pulpit, the singer pranced around the stage adding an element of visual interest to the live performance.
Dustin Lothspeich
By the third song, the lights on the giant cube started up and the audience was going crazy.
Getty Images
There were many Deadmau5 heads in the audience, like this one made and worn by Reid Moran from S.F., who said he spent a few weekends on the head.
Josh Keppel
As the show went on, the cube lights got more and more elaborate.
Josh Keppel
Then, the lights behind Deadmau5 started up and made an already psychedelic show that much more so.
Dustin Lothspeich
At one point the lights on the cube turned into an animated, spinning Rubik's Cube.
Dustin Lothspeich
For one song, Deadmau5 turned into a ghost...
Dustin Lothspeich
There was a second stage at the festival, and as soon as the music stopped on the main stage, a band or DJ started up on the side stage. Here Miike Snow headlines the second stage.
Josh Keppel
Miike Snow "we are not a person, we are a band" was the sixth act to play the side stage on Saturday.
Josh Keppel
After playing two songs with masks on, Miike Snow then revealed themselves for the rest of the set.
Josh Keppel
This was the only band I caught on the side stage, and I thought they were good. I especially liked that they had a number of people on stage playing instruments live during the set.
Josh Keppel
The Ferris Wheel looked cool at night. Unfortunately, it had two long lines to wait in, first to buy tickets, then to get on. Not sure how many people had the patience or stamina, but I'm sure the view was very cool from above.
Dustin Lothspeich
The Saturday festival headliners were LCD Soundsystem on the main stage.
Dustin Lothspeich
James Murphy has said in many interviews that after this year, he may be done touring with LCD Soundsystem.
Dustin Lothspeich
For possibly the last time we will see Murphy with LCD Soundsystem in the Bay Area, he played a great set clocking in at just under an hour-and-a-half.
Josh Keppel
Nancy Whang on keyboards/electronics.
Josh Keppel
In-between songs, James Murphy introduced his drummer Pat Mahoney and said, "I'm used to there being a partially nude man next to me," but because of the cold night, Mahoney was wearing jeans instead of short shorts.
NBC 4 New York / Javier Morgado
LCD Soundsystem tore it up and showed why they were the headliners, playing hits like: "Drunk Girls," "Daft Punk Is Playing At My House," and "Tribulations."
Josh Keppel
James Murphy
Dustin Lothspeich
On my way out, I saw this cool, giant, spinning disco ball skull set up in front of the "Silent Disco."
Josh Keppel
Inside the Silent Disco, 400 wireless headphones were handed out to people coming inside so they could listen and dance along to a DJ who could only be heard through the headphones.
Dustin Lothspeich
There were also bean bags set up for people to relax in. Silent Frisco, as they like to call it, is put on by Sunset Promotions and takes music parties to secret outdoor locations where people can turn the music up as loud as they want, because they are the only ones hearing it.
Getty Images
There was no parking allowed on the island, so shuttles were chartered from AT&T Park where parking was free. Getting out sounded like a breeze, but getting home looked like a bit of a nightmare.
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