Truck Driver Saves Stranded Mercedes-Benz Motorist from North Bay Flood Waters

It's a lesson for all drivers when roads are saturated: do not skirt past closure signs and attempt to traverse flooded streets.

An unfortunate victim in the North Bay may regret not heeding that advice.

The driver of a Mercedes-Benz sedan on Wednesday tried to make her way past a makeshift lake that formed on a two-lane road, but she failed and became stuck, Jim Lemons from the California Highway Patrol said.

Luckily for the trapped motorist, Lemons enlisted a local truck driver to save the day. Using his large box truck, which sits much higher above the ground, the truck driver cut through the calf-deep water and stopped next to the victim's stalled car. The stranded motorist jumped onto the truck driver's back before he hoisted her into the truck and drove her to safety.

NBC Bay Area
A stranded motorist climbs on the back of a truck driver before being brought to safety. (Jan. 4, 2017)

Lemons capitalized on the teaching opportunity to push home a message not only for the driver of the sedan, but for everyone attempting to get around in the wet weather.

"It you see signs saying the road is closed and flooded, even if you'd think that it's flooded or closed, please do not go around those signs," he said. "Turn around. Find an alternate route."

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