Gillian Edevane

True Crime Series Will Focus on Berkeley Man's Wine Scheme

White-collar crime show "American Greed" will shine its light on a Berkeley man who defrauded clients out of $45 million as part of an elaborate Ponzi scheme.

Monday's episode of the CNBC show will examine John Fox, whose wine business — Premiere Cru — came crashing down when it was discovered he was collecting money from clients for wine futures without delivering the goods.

Berkeleyside was the first to report on the show's upcoming episode, and one of its editors will be featured on the show. 

According to the site, Fox spent close to $1 million on online dating and used his ill-gotten gains to pay for an elaborate lifestyle that included several cars, an Alamo mansion and club memberships. The man is currently serving six and a half years in federal prison. 

The Berkeley-centric episode airs at 7 p.m. on CNBC.

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